Add a Passive Income Stream to Your Coaching Business With The Coaches Toolkit PLR

Using this Done-For-You Content Package, you'll be able to teach 12 powerful coaching techniques that both coaches and clients can use to create amazing breakthroughs.

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As much as I love one-to-one coaching, it has one serious limitation.

And that limitation is that your income is capped by the number of hours you can work, putting you squarely in the dollars-for-hours trap.

This means that every time you go on a vacation or you’re sick or you’re taking time off….there’s no income coming in.

One of the best ways to break free from the time-for-dollars trap and create a passive income stream is to have your very own infoproduct.

But creating a high-quality infoproduct takes a ton of time…something that you probably don’t have a lot of when you’re doing one-to-one sessions.

Not only do you have to create the content, but you also have to create all the marketing material as well, including the salesletter, emails, ad copy and more. Putting it all together could take weeks, if not months.

But what if you already had a high-quality infoproduct that had all the content and marketing material done for you?

All you have to do is spend a weekend putting it together and voilà….you now have a product of your own to sell.

Well there is….and it’s called the Coaching Toolkit.

Introducing our Done-For-You Coaching Toolkit Content Package!

The Coaching Toolkit Done-for-You Content Package teaches these 12 powerful transformational coaching techniques that coaches can use to make breakthroughs, break limiting patterns, let go of the past, reduce overwhelm & anxiety, reach their goals & transform their lives.

Using our Coaching Toolkit Content Package, you can give coaches an affordable way to uplevel their coaching skills or your clients an affordable alternative to coaching....and create a brand new income stream for yourself in the process!

Here are some ideas for how to make money with the done-for-you Coaches Toolkit PLR.

Idea # 1: Something to Offer People Who Say No to your One-to-One Coaching. With this toolkit, you'll have a way to make some money where you would have made none.

Idea # 2: A Low-Ticket Item For People Who Can't Afford or Don't Want Coaching.

Not everyone wants or can afford coaching. Some people prefer to learn on their own. And now you'll have something to offer these do-it-yourselfer's in your audience.

Idea # 3: A Brand New Passive Income Stream. You can sell the toolkit to your existing audience or to a brand new audience through Facebook ads and generate an entirely new, passive income stream.

Idea # 4: Translate it Into Another Language. Translate the content into another language and totally dominate the market.

Idea # 5: Add your own content to it and make something unique and different. The content in the toolkit provides a solid start. All you have to do is tweak and customize it.

Idea # 6: Tweak the Content For a Particular Niche. The coaching tools in the toolkit can be applied to any niche, but you can take them and tweak them for a particular niche. For example, weight loss or business or relationships.....the possibilities are endless.

Wondering what tools are covered?

Wonder no further. Here are the 12 tools covered in the PLR Package.

Transformational Coaching Tool # 1:

Instant Belief Change Technique

The Instant Belief Change Technique helps to replace negative, limiting beliefs with positive, empowering ones in just minutes.

Use Case: Perfect for when a client is struggling with limiting beliefs that are

holding them back from achieving success in any area of their lives.

Transformational Coaching Tool # 2:

Subconscious Blockers Technique

This powerful exercise gets to the root of the subconscious block that lies at the root of self-sabotaging behavior and helps to eliminate it once and for all.

Use Case: Perfect for when a client is engaging in self-sabotaging behavior and can't seem to stop despite their best efforts.

Transformational Coaching Tool # 3:

Ultimate Lifestyle Workshop

Why bother with setting boring (and often ineffective) goals when you can focus on building your dream life instead?

Use Case: Perfect for helping clients to set goals for every area of their lives so that they can build the dream life they've always wanted.

This is also great to use as a goal-setting workshop.

Transformational Coaching Tool # 4:

Transformational Thinking

Transformational thinking helps clients change their habitual thinking patterns to live happier, more peaceful and more productive lives.

Use Case: Common everyday situations where the client is upset about experiencing some negative emotion and would like a more positive reframe.

Transformational Coaching Tool # 5:

Core Values Alignment

The core values alignment exercise will help a client to uncover what they truly value so that they can live a life that is meaningful and feels genuinely authentic to them.

Use Case: Perfect for high achievers, who, despite all their achievements, are just not feeling fulfilled.

Transformational Coaching Tool # 6:

The Pain-Pleasure Technique

This technique allows you to harness the powerful drivers of pain & pleasure to mold and change a client's behavior and to help them to achieve their most cherished goals.

Use Case: To help clients to stop negative behaviors (such as smoking, over-eating, procrastination etc) or to start positive behaviors, like exercising, for example.

Transformational Coaching Tool # 7:

Heal & Release Process

Help your clients heal from painful past events by learning how to forgive and find meaning, no matter what they've been through.

Use Case: Whenever a client is finding it hard to let go of the past.

Transformational Coaching Tool # 8:

Sphere of Influence Technique

Sometimes the reasons for a client's feelings of overwhelm, stress and frustration is because they are trying to control a person or situation that is actually out of their control.

Use Case: Help a client get insight into exactly what is within their sphere of influence and what isn't.

Transformational Coaching Tool # 9:

Instant State Change Technique

It's very difficult to coach a client who is stuck in a negative frame of mind or stuck in a downward spiral of negative emotion.

Use Case: Helps the client get into a more positive & empowering mindset.

Transformational Coaching Tool # 10:

Dry-Eyes Technique

This is a simple, but super effective technique to help a client to regain emotional control very quickly.

Use Case: Perfect to use in a coaching session when a client has started crying and lost control emotionally.

Transformational Coaching Tool # 11:

G.R.O.W. Coaching Technique

This is a classic coaching technique that every coach should know and master simply because it's so versatile and easily adaptable.

Use Case: The G.R.O.W. Technique is ideal for helping a client get clear on what they want and then strategizing an action plan to help them get there.

Transformational Coaching Tool # 12:

Transformational Questions

Questions are one of the most powerful tools of transformation that a coach has at their disposal.

Using questions can help clients to think outside the box and see solutions they would have never thought of on their own.

Use Case: A great little tool to give the client to use on their own to change their habitual way of thinking and get them thinking in a more positive and powerful way.

Using our Done-For-You PLR Content,

you'll be able to create & launch a

brand-new program in a weekend...

even if you've never done anything like this before!

Yes, that's right! You don't need to know how to write or create an online course or program.

If you can copy & paste, you can do this!

Using our high-quality, done-for-you content, you have everything you need to launch your own program....without needing to do any of the hard work yourself.

  • Course Content - Done
  • High-converting sales page - Done
  • Promotional emails - Done
  • Facebook Ads - Done

Here's what you'll get inside the Done-For-You Package


You get PowerPoint Slides for each of

the techniques, complete with full notes underneath.

All you have to do is hit record and create your lesson videos...complete step-by-step instructions on exactly how to do that are included.

(Value $799)


Editable workbook exercises for all applicable lessons.

Your students can use these with their coaching clients.

Your customers will absolutely love you for giving them everything they need to create breakthroughs for their coaching clients.

(Value $199)


High-Converting sales letter to sell your Coaching Toolkit Program. No need to pay a professional copywriter to write a salesletter for you or spend days struggling to do it yourself.

Just copy and paste this professionally written, high-converting sales letter into your sales letter template, add your buy buttons, and voila! Your course is ready to start making you money.

(Value $499)


5-Day Promotional Email Sequence to promote your program to your list.

These emails have been designed to convert and get sales.

Copy and paste these into your autoresponder, add the link to your salesletter and you're ready

to start bringing in the sales


Editable Product Graphic Templates that you can use to create a gorgeous product mockup without having to hire a designer.

(Value $100)


Proven, high-converting Facebook Ad Copy to get people to your sales page.

Start generating sales for your program from the get-go with Facebook Ads using this proven, high-converting Facebook ad copy (Value $199)


Step-by-step instructions on how to launch

your program in a weekend using a simple,

easy to use, all-in-one tool.

(Value $200)

Plus get the rights to a second complimentary program when you purchase now!

Private Label Rights to The Client Quick-Start System

Value $297

Get the private-label rights to the Client Quick-Start System when you purchase now. Get the complete 4-module program plus all the sales letter and promotional emails.

This program shows coaches how to get their first (or next) paying coaching clients in 30 days or less...without paid ads, complex marketing strategies, cold outreach or working all the time.

It's the perfect program for brand-new coaches.

Quick Recap Of Everything You Get:

  • PPT Slides for each of the techniques...complete with full notes underneath, so all you have to do is hit record and create your lesson videos (Value $799)
  • Editable workbook exercises for all applicable lessons. (Value $199)
  • High-Converting sales letter to sell your Coaching Toolkit Program (Value $499)
  • 5-Day Promotional Email Sequence to promote your program to your list. These emails have been designed to convert and get sales. (Value $299)
  • Editable Product Graphic Templates that you can use to create a gorgeous product mockup without having to hire a designer (Value $100)
  • Proven, high-converting Facebook Ad Copy to get people to your sales page. (Value $199)
  • Launch Your Course In A Weekend Training - Step-by-step instructions on how to launch your course in just one weekend. (Value $200)
  • PLUS The Client QuickStart System - Private label rights to a complete four-module course (Value $297)

Total Value: $2,295

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Hi, I'm Sa'Diyya

I'm the founder of South Africa's first virtual coaching academy and the founder of where I provide a variety of resources to help coaches make the income and impact they desire.

In addition to being a Certified Coach and Coach Trainer, I'm also a Digital Marketing & Funnel Building Strategist.

I'm passionate about helping coaches use digital marketing to build their businesses so that they can make the income and impact they truly desire.

I'm a personal development junkie and have been for as long as I can remember and nothing thrills me more than sitting down to read a good self-help or business book.

When I'm not working or reading, you'll find me exploring the beautiful country of Türkiye, where I have relocated with my three kids.

What makes the Coaching Toolkit different?

This isn’t some cheap PLR Product put together by a $25/hr “ghost writer” on Upwork whose first language isn’t even English and who has no first-hand knowledge about the topic they’re writing about.

This is a product that I've sold myself and it's consistently been one of my best sellers. In fact, in the first month of launching it I made well $13,908!

The next month I made $19,983!!!

All from ONE $47 product!!!

Below is a screenshot from my shopping cart to show you that I'm not pulling these numbers out of thin air.

Now you may be wondering why one earth I'm offering resale rights to the product instead of continuing to sell it myself.

Good question.

And the reason is that I'm making the shift away from teaching coaching skills and into the digital marketing arena and helping coaches build their businesses instead. This is a combination of both of my passions (coaching and marketing)and something I absolutely love doing.

And so, instead of leaving the products that I took so much time and effort to create to collect digital dust, I'm giving other coaches the opportunity to benefit from them instead.

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What would having your own product do for your business and your lifestyle?

Having your own product can dramatically change things for you both on a personal and professional level.

Imagine, (at the very minimum), being able to cover all your basic expenses with the sale of the Coaching Toolkit.

That would allow you to become more selective about the clients you choose to work with. You'll never have to take on a client you don't like just to pay the bills. We've all been there at some point and, quite frankly, it sucks!

It would mean that you could take on fewer one-to-one clients and have more free time to spend on the things and people that you love.

It would mean that you could work less and make more.

Combined with your coaching income, you could make enough to comfortably replace your 9 to 5 income. Which means you can finally quit that job and start pursuing coaching full-time.

Having your own product would allow you to take time off and still have an income coming in.

It would allow you to monetize leads who said no to your one-to-one offer. Acquiring leads isn't cheap and up till now, if someone said no to your coaching, there was no way to recoup that investment. But now that you have a low-ticket product to offer them, you have a way to recoup some of those costs....which means more money goes into your pocket.

Having your own product gives you something else to offer, other than your one-to-one coaching. Not everyone wants, or can afford, coaching. Having a low-ticket item to offer these folks is an excellent way to meet the needs of this segment of your audience.

It gives people a low-cost way to interact with you and get value from you. And some of these customers may end up signing up for your coaching program.

It creates a passive income stream which means you now have time to work on your business rather than in your business. You'll finally have the time to work on putting together that group coaching program you've always wanted or to work on building your audience.

Just like writing a book, having your own product sets you apart from other coaches and establishes you as an expert.

There are so many benefits to having your own product, that you really cannot afford not to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a money-back guarantee ?

No, due to the nature of the content, no refunds are given. We have made every attempt to represent the product as transparently as possible.

Why are you selling the reprint right to the Coaches Toolkit instead of selling it yourself ?

I am making the shift away from teaching coaching skills to the digital marketing arena. Instead of just leaving the products that I took so much time & effort to create to collect digital dust, I'm offering other coaches the opportunity to benefit from them.

What can I do with the rights?

1. You can rename the product (I highly recommend that you do)

2. You can claim authorship

3. You can rebrand it

4. You can edit it

5. You can add your own content

6. You can resell it to other coaches or to your clients at whatever price you choose

7. You can translate it into another language

What can I not do?

1. You cannot give the product away for free

2. You cannot give any of the content within the product away or use it as free content

3. You cannot resell the resale rights to this product. In other words, you do not have the master resale rights to this product.