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Launch Your Very Own Life Coach Training & Certification Program!

Grab the private-label rights to a complete, high-quality Life Coach Training & Certification Program to sell as your own.

* Foreign Language Rights Included

The Most Lucrative Way To Cash In On

The Exponential Growth of the Coaching Industry!

The coaching industry is a $20 Billion dollar a-year Industry. But the best way to make money from this lucrative industry is not to become a coach, it's to train others to become coaches.

For the longest time ever, smart people in every industry have known that the best way to make money in any industry is not to "do the thing" but to teach others how to "do the thing."

This principle is as old as time. Back during the 1849 California Gold Rush, very, very few prospectors struck it rich.

The people who made money back then were those who “sold shovels” (and jeans, tents, pickaxes and other supplies and services) to the prospectors who lived hard lives panning for gold.

In today's digital era, smart people transition from "doing the thing" (prospecting) to teaching others how to "do the thing" (selling shovels).

In every industry across the board, people are making more money teaching the thing rather than doing the thing.


Robert G. Allen

Robert Allen, the famous Real Estate Guru who showed people how to make money in real estate with no money down said "I made millions with real estate investing. But I made tens of millions teaching real estate investing."

Anthony Robbins

Tony Robbins started off as an NLP Coach and a few years back he launched his own Coach Training and Certification Program.

Tony is a smart man and he knows that there is money to be made in the rapidly growing Coaching Industry.

Brooke Castillo

Brooke Castillo started off as a weight loss and life coach. She started a monthly coaching membership called Scholars and then founded the Life Coach School, her very own Life Coach Training & Certification Program.

Last year Brooke made $35 million dollars and this year, she's on track to make

$42 million dollars!!!!

But creating your own coaching program can take months, if not years.

But the good news is that you don't have to!

Because I'm offering private label rights to my best-selling Life Coach Training & Certification Program, the very same program that took me from a virtual unknown to one of the top Life Coach Training & Certification Programs in my home country of South Africa in less than 3 years!

Introducing the Six-Figure Coach

Life Coach Training PLR

Everything you need to launch and sell your very own

Life Coach Training & Certification Program

Here's what's included:

  • Full 20-module Life Coach Training & Certification Program (Value $25,000) - It cost me over $25,000 in my own education and training to develop this in-depth, transformative curriculum.
  • Editable PowerPoint Slides for the entire 20-module curriculum (Value $1,999) - The slides include the notes so all you have to do is hit record and create your videos in minutes. The slides are also completely editable so you can change whatever you want. And if you're not sure how to create a video from a PowerPoint slide, don't worry. I have you covered. I've included a step-by-step video that walks you through EXACTLY how to do that.
  • Printable Client & Student Handouts (Value $999) - These handouts have the different coaching techniques and exercises that your life coaching students can use themselves and with their coaching clients
  • High-converting sales page sales copy (Value $2,999) - Just copy and paste it into your own sales page template and start enrolling students
  • Done-for-you email sequence (Value $499) - This 5-part sequence is designed to educate people about coaching, build trust and get students enrolled in the certification
  • Done-for-you lead magnet (Value $299) - Stunning, editable lead magnet that you can give away to build your email list
  • Done-for-you, high-converting opt-in page copy to give away your lead magnet (Value $199)
  • Editable product mockups (Value $99) - create your own unique, professional-looking product mockups with these easy-to-use templates
  • Done-for-you, editable social media posts (Value $99)
  • Editable certificate templates to give students who have completed the program (Value $199)
  • Proven, high-converting webinar to enroll students into the program (Value $2,999)

TOTAL VALUE: $35,390

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What's Covered In the Curriculum

So you're probably wondering what topics are covered in the comprehensive 20-module curriculum. Here are some of the topics covered.

  • Module 1: Coaching Fundamentals - what coaching is and best practices
  • Module 2: The Cornerstone of Lasting Change
  • Module 3: The Secret to Changing & Shaping Human Behavior
  • Module 4: The Six Human Needs and how they influence our behaviour.
  • Module 5: The Power of the Subconscious Mind
  • Module 6: Living in Alignment with Your Core Values
  • Module 7: The Secret to Deep & Meaningful Communication
  • Module 8: Heal & Release Painful Past Events
  • Module 9: The Ultimate Lifestyle Workshop
  • Module 10: Goal Setting + the G.R.O.W. Model
  • Module 11: Instant Belief Change Technique
  • Module 12: Coping with Negative Emotions
  • Module 13: Stop Self-Sabotaging Behaviour
  • Module 14: Transforming Toxic Money Beliefs
  • Module 15: The Art of Transformational Thinking
  • Module 16: How to Successfully Onboard New Coaching Clients
  • Module 17: How to Launch Your Coaching Business
  • Module 18: Marketing & Promotion PLR
  • Module 19: Setting up Your Client for Success
  • Module 20: Working Effectively With Clients
  • Done-for-You Marketing & Promotional Material

Here's What You Can Do With the PLR

You can use the curriculum just as it is without altering a single thing.

You can combine it with your own material & create something unique.

You can also translate it into the language of your choice and you have a business ready to go in a fraction of the time it took me to create these materials.

Buy now & get these awesome bonuses

Bonus # 1: Launch Your Academy in a Weekend Training

(Value $199)

This comprehensive, step-by-step training will show you how to get your coaching school up and running in less than a weekend.

Bonus # 2: 10 Students in 30 Days

(Value $199)

This training will show you how to get your first 10 students enrolled into your certification program. Rinse and repeat the same process as often as you like to get as many students as you want.

Feedback For the Program

Two years back I took a small portion of the Life Coach Training & Certification curriculum and created a free challenge. Here is some of the feedback we received from people who joined.

Just imagine receiving rave reviews and unsolicited testimonials and feedback from your students when you share this program with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you selling something that took you so long to create?

So you're probably wondering why I'm doing this, right? Why on earth would I sell the resale rights to a program that took me years of blood, sweat and tears to create?

The reason I'm doing this is that I'm making the transition away from teaching coaching to launching an agency that provides done-for-you services for coaches and course creators. My passion is and always was, marketing, and so I decided to close down everything else and focus single-mindedly on building this business.

But I didn't want all the amazing content that I spent years and thousands of dollars creating to just waste away on my hard drive. I still wanted it to reach and impact people, even if I wasn't the one doing it.

Which is great news for you! Because it means that you can now take the materials that I created and fast-track your way to your very own coaching certification program....without any of the hard work it would normally take.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Due to the nature of the product, I do not offer a guarantee. It's too easy for someone to purchase the program, download everything and ask for their money back and then turn around and resell it as their own. This would be unfair to me and to all the people who paid for the material as well. All sales are final. I have done my best to describe the program accurately and even provide a free sample lesson so that you can accurately judge the quality of the content.

What can you do with the PLR Rights?

Your PLR License allows you to:

1. Rename the program. This simple step will already make your program look unique and different.

2. Claim authorship of the content...without having to spend months to create it all.

3. Add to it or modify it as you see fit. Add your expertise to the mix and create something truly unique and different.

4. Translate it into another language. Dominate a foreign language market. Most non-English speaking markets have very little competition and people would love to learn in their own native language, given the opportunity.

5. Use it to train and certify other people as life coaches.

What are you not allowed to do with your PLR Rights?

You cannot:

1. Give the program itself away for free

2. Resell the PLR license. (In other words, this doesn't include a Master PLR License)

What tools do I need to launch my coaching academy and start enrolling students?

You need either Microsoft Office PPT, Mac's Keynote or Canva to edit, record and export the slides as videos.

Other tools you need include landing page software (to create your sales pages), a webinar hosting platform to host your automated webinar, a course hosting platform to host your course content, quiz software to allow you to do automated assessments, a shopping cart platform to process payments, and an email autoresponder to send out follow-up emails.

Instead of having 6 different tools, I use one tool to do it all. It's called

It allows me to:

Create sales pages to sell my courses

Takes payments and enrolls students into the right course automatically

Hosts my course content, including my course videos

Collects emails and allows me to send automated follow-up emails

Run automated webinars (on their webinar plan)

Create self-grading assessments (perfect for a certification program)

and even create a blog.

You can check out here and sign up for their free plan (which is often more than enough to get you started).